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A Moral Case for Geolibertarianism Amber Pawlik

A Moral Case for Geolibertarianism

Amber Pawlik

Kindle Edition
39 pages
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 About the Book 

This book gives a moral case for Geolibertarianim. Although this position is not the explicit Objectivist (the philosophy of Ayn Rand) position, the moral case given for Geolibertarianism builds from the ethics and politics of Objectivism.This book argues that Geolibertarianism is the ethical position because land, an invaluable and finite good that cannot be produced, is different from other goods on the market. In addition, this book shows that the Geolibertarian land tax provides an elegant solution to a difficult political problem: how to fund a capitalistic government. Perhaps most importantly, it provides one solution to an inevitable political problem: a growing population with a finite amount of land- a problem that Europe has succumbed to.In less than 30 pages, it will make you check your premises!