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Battlesongs of Hope Evan Couzens

Battlesongs of Hope

Evan Couzens

Published September 1st 2011
Kindle Edition
285 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Jacob Vogel considers himself one of the few decent men left in the world. During the riots following the downfall of the ruling Wizards, he tried to provide for those close to him through his work as a mechanic. But the chaos kept spreading, and his skills with machines couldnt keep the violence at bay- he watched his sisters murder and killed his best friend with his own hand. The years of brutality finally broke him and drove him from the ruined Wizards city. The hinterlands are a new world and offer a chance to build a new life. He finds peace, compassion, even love. But the citys corruption has spread farther than he could have imagined.When the Wizards legacy returns to enslave humanity, Jacob has a choice. He can run, abandon his family to their fate, and acquiesce to the worlds depravity like he has so many times before. Or he can face his past, discover the power of redemption, and wield the human spirit as the only hope against tyranny.